Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Electric Vehicles at Pangalipay sa Baybay

Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines April 13, 2010
Pangalipay Sa BayBay Parade

The city's new PHUV electric jeepney and the Eagle electric tricycles are in high demand for parades these days. We are happy to take them out so the townsfolk get used to them and hopefully someday, this city will be filled will all electric public transportation.
This parade was the kick off of summer festivities at the local Baywalk. Here are the beauty contestants who got to ride in the city's new electric jeepney. The electric Jeepney is so comfy. I love our Etrikes as well but the E jeep has ever so much more room.

Everyone wants to get their photo taken with the Etrikes! Even aspiring boxers! All the electric vehicles create a big stir whenever we dispatch them for events.

Winston (above) is our on the job Training student from Palawan State University. He is getting his credits working at our Green Tech EcoCenter where the City's and our electric vehicles reside.
Dave outfitted the ejeeps and the Etrikes with special waterproof blue LED lights! They look so sexy at night and definitely get everyone's attention.

This was the first parade we have taken Alysha to. Dave started taking Alysha for electric motorbike rides tucked into a kangaroo front harness since she could hold her own head up. She thinks electric vehicles are common since she literally has grown up around them.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

PHUV Electric Jeepney Philippines

We first saw this PHUV (Philippine Utility Vehicle, Inc) E-jeeney at work in Puerto, Princesa, Palawan, Philippines in Feb. of 2010. Mayor Edward Hagedorn drove it during the Love Affair With Nature event he and the City Council sponsor every year. It really impressed us with the distance it was able to travel and the hills it had to conquer.

Our Green Tech EcoCenter is the dispatch and repair center for the city of Puerto Princesa, they sent one over last night to add to the City's repertoire of electric vehicles from various sources. It's definitely a well made machine! It's the smoothest ride most reliable of all the EV's we have riden to date.

The Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturers Association of the Philippines, Inc. (MVPMAP) comprising local auto parts makers created this Philippine Utility Vehicle.
The quality of this product has gotten Dave  interested in expanding our horizons to include the PHUV Electric Jeepney in  our list of EV's to promote and sell along with our electric motorcycles and electric tricycles.

Our new shipment of electric motorcycles should be in by next week, and we want to be able to show them the E Jeep as an alternative for larger needs.

PHUV batterys amp hour capacity rating is 220amp hrs. Since they have a 72volt system, they have 12 pcs of 6volt deep cycle batteries. That's 16000 watt hours or 16 kilowatt hours at P8 per kwhour (meralco rate with all the side charges) is equal to P128 or $2.8per 8 hour full charge. So if it runs for 65kms then that's 1.97 per km or 5 US cents per km.

Compare this with diesel jeepneys. At 8kms per liter. 65km divided by 8.125liters times 34.25 (current price of diesel) that's P278.28 or $6 per 65kms.
That's P4.28 or 9.5 us cents per km. Electric is definitely more affordable.

We have driven all over town and the ride is smooth. Even on the outrageously potholed side roads this E vehicle is very smooth. After having driven it around town for almost a week now. We highly recommend this Electric jeepney!
PHUV E Jeepney

Original ARTICLE January 28, 2008
PHILIPPINES/AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRYAuto parts makers to produce Pinoy electric jeepney

The Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturers Association of the Philippines, Inc. (MVPMAP) comprising local auto parts makers on Thursday said they will be locally designing, developing and manufacturing 44 units of electric jeepney.

Another article Thursday, 07 January 2010

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