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PHUV Electric Jeepney Philippines

We first saw this PHUV (Philippine Utility Vehicle, Inc) E-jeeney at work in Puerto, Princesa, Palawan, Philippines in Feb. of 2010. Mayor Edward Hagedorn drove it during the Love Affair With Nature event he and the City Council sponsor every year. It really impressed us with the distance it was able to travel and the hills it had to conquer.

Our Green Tech EcoCenter is the dispatch and repair center for the city of Puerto Princesa, they sent one over last night to add to the City's repertoire of electric vehicles from various sources. It's definitely a well made machine! It's the smoothest ride most reliable of all the EV's we have riden to date.

The Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturers Association of the Philippines, Inc. (MVPMAP) comprising local auto parts makers created this Philippine Utility Vehicle.
The quality of this product has gotten Dave  interested in expanding our horizons to include the PHUV Electric Jeepney in  our list of EV's to promote and sell along with our electric motorcycles and electric tricycles.

Our new shipment of electric motorcycles should be in by next week, and we want to be able to show them the E Jeep as an alternative for larger needs.

PHUV batterys amp hour capacity rating is 220amp hrs. Since they have a 72volt system, they have 12 pcs of 6volt deep cycle batteries. That's 16000 watt hours or 16 kilowatt hours at P8 per kwhour (meralco rate with all the side charges) is equal to P128 or $2.8per 8 hour full charge. So if it runs for 65kms then that's 1.97 per km or 5 US cents per km.

Compare this with diesel jeepneys. At 8kms per liter. 65km divided by 8.125liters times 34.25 (current price of diesel) that's P278.28 or $6 per 65kms.
That's P4.28 or 9.5 us cents per km. Electric is definitely more affordable.

We have driven all over town and the ride is smooth. Even on the outrageously potholed side roads this E vehicle is very smooth. After having driven it around town for almost a week now. We highly recommend this Electric jeepney!
PHUV E Jeepney

Original ARTICLE January 28, 2008
PHILIPPINES/AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRYAuto parts makers to produce Pinoy electric jeepney

The Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturers Association of the Philippines, Inc. (MVPMAP) comprising local auto parts makers on Thursday said they will be locally designing, developing and manufacturing 44 units of electric jeepney.

Another article Thursday, 07 January 2010

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  1. how much is the electric jeep?

  2. Prices of electric jeep are here:

  3. Here's an additional link and fact about Philippine vehicles:

  4. Dear Sir/Madame,

    What about the idea of Pilot Testing it in the hilly terrains of Baguio City? Is there a possibility of promoting it through arrangements in Tourist areas like PMA where most people visits and allow visitors to have a ride around the visitors area?

    e-mail ad:

  5. Hi.. we are interested to purchase 10 units of e-jeep... we would like to ask for the exact address of your ofc and who to deal with.. thank you .. this is edwin of solid R inc.

  6. I think you should also come up with a conversion kits from engine driven to electric driven for compact cars such as kia pride, multicab,suzuki alto,etc so it would be cheaper and affordable for the driving public.Later on you may also consider conversion kits for light trucks such as L300,FX'S, so that businesses can benefit also.Two years from now,the international Energy Agency has predicted peak oil meaning oil production will peak on 2012 then goes down(Source:Energy & Capital).Prices of oil will go up to above $100 per barrel.Everyone will reconsider EV'S.

  7. I find the e-jeepneys cool and great. A great way for fuel savings and consumption At the same time it helps in preventing global warming. Aside from e-jeeps or electrical jeepneys, can they also produce e-cars as well? I've seen several cable TV shows showing electrical car conversions. Is the technology commercially available now here in the Philippines? Because I am very much interested in converting my old car from gas to electrical. Thank you.

  8. Hi

    I'm Kristia Vanessa Manalo of GMA 7 Network, we would like to feature you in our show.. how can i get intouch with you?? Here's my Contact number's pls. Do contact me , we 're very much interested in your product 09196940811 / 09266850504

  9. do battery recharge it self or do we need to bring it on a charging station?

  10. These vehicles look more like a van than a real jeepney. A version with a fully-enclosed body and front-facing seats might be a good option...

  11. filipinos are good inventor, now this electric jeeney can save the ozone layer, ecolover vehicle, i just wonder how it will affect my electric bill. but still a good idea.

    philippine trivia


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  13. I'm still skeptical of all of this EV stuff, how much does it cost, I presume that battery packs will be replaced someday, as I have heard it cost around or rather let me put it this way...


    E-jeepney cost = P625,000
    battery pack cost = 1/4 of vehicle cost = P156,250
    charging time = 8 hours
    charging life = 500 cycles
    distance per charge = 65 km (120km maximum)
    claimed operating time on a single charge = 6 to 8 hours
    cost per full charge = P158
    maximum speed = 40 kph

    diesel jeepney = P700K to P800K

    So the battery pack only last 500 cycles = 1.37 years.

    Given the battery pack costs = P156,250.00

    Computing average monthly cost = P9,504/month


    And that is on top of the daily power cost of P158 = P4,740/month


    So that is equivalent to a monthly overhead cost of = P14,244/month

    Pushing that to annual cost = P14,244 x 12 months
    = P170,928/year (the cost to operate the e-jeepney)

    And again another given...


    P170,928/year (the cost to operate the e-jeepney)

    Regular jeepney spends P500 per day on diesel.

    Operates = 325 days a year

    Annual fuel bill = P162,500/year for a regular jeepney.

    Comparison of annual cost to operate:

    E-jeepney = P170,928/year
    Jeepney = P162,500/year

    If battery packs can last three years or 5 years that would be awesome or if the price can be cut down to 70% that would be great also.

    For now its way out of my pockets.

    1. oh so that I will not be accused of plagiarizing I got the data from this page

    2. You are mostly correct Junji, but some of your information you have gathered is not acurate at all and that has made your numbers false. For example, I just changed a complete battery pack for a 7KW ejeepney and billed out only 85K pesos. The original battery pack lasted over 3 years. As an option, we have batteries that will last 7 - 8 years! A good reliable EV is costly up front, you don't save money on the mere initial purchase of an EV, payback is later when you never buy gas, and you use a thimble of oil.

    3. that is what I have been waiting for ddewbre, which is why I asked; thanks for the information really appreciate this right now it is still way out of my pockets. Right now I'm just going to have to dream of it.

      Its the BP that I am more interested in, with what you have said, it sounds efficient enough.

    4. Looks promising ddewbre. I imagine the overall maintenance costs would be a fraction of a fuel engine as well.

  14. Where can i contact to buy the E-Jeepney and E-Tricycle ?

    1. Are you looking at importing or local Philippine made?

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  16. Great! How about this one? This also need your attention and support.. thank you! of_Aviso_Overunity_Electric_Vehicle/

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  18. I have a scheme for a self running charger . It could be a separate unit or incorporated to the main motor. The electric vehicle will run all day without charging to a Meralco outlet . If your interested then inform me on my gmail

  19. Any Contact number? We're interested in leasing a couple of jeeps

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  21. for Trojan Deepcycle battery requirements pls contact James Arrieta of YHI Phils Inc..master distributor of Trojan Deepcycle Battery in the Phils ..0917-8418591 or email me E-Vehicle Batteries and Golf Carts batteries available.

  22. Hello there! Can i ask what is the estimated price of this electric jeep. Please help me because we will use it for our report it's like a proposal in a semi thesis thanks in advance! God bless!

  23. At this early stage of the E-Jeepney,I'm still not inclined to buy one.One problem is the range. 65 km. is such a short range and the 8-hour charging is a waste of time.If the driving distance can be increased to 200 km. per charge,and the charging time to 30 minutes,then count me in.


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