Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Electric Vehicles at Pangalipay sa Baybay

Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines April 13, 2010
Pangalipay Sa BayBay Parade

The city's new PHUV electric jeepney and the Eagle electric tricycles are in high demand for parades these days. We are happy to take them out so the townsfolk get used to them and hopefully someday, this city will be filled will all electric public transportation.
This parade was the kick off of summer festivities at the local Baywalk. Here are the beauty contestants who got to ride in the city's new electric jeepney. The electric Jeepney is so comfy. I love our Etrikes as well but the E jeep has ever so much more room.

Everyone wants to get their photo taken with the Etrikes! Even aspiring boxers! All the electric vehicles create a big stir whenever we dispatch them for events.

Winston (above) is our on the job Training student from Palawan State University. He is getting his credits working at our Green Tech EcoCenter where the City's and our electric vehicles reside.
Dave outfitted the ejeeps and the Etrikes with special waterproof blue LED lights! They look so sexy at night and definitely get everyone's attention.

This was the first parade we have taken Alysha to. Dave started taking Alysha for electric motorbike rides tucked into a kangaroo front harness since she could hold her own head up. She thinks electric vehicles are common since she literally has grown up around them.


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  2. Wow These jeepneys and electric tricycles has a great design. Wish I can come to the place soon to ride with them. :)

    arrielle g

  3. That vehicle would be very helpful in our community and to our nature. Government must give to that projects as soon as possible.

    Local News in the Philippines

  4. i hope that e-vehicles will get their boost in the country, owing to the reduction of air and noise pollution. With rational transport planning and decision making, supported by continuous political agenda for the transport sector, electric jeepneys can be one of the ways to support sustainable transport agenda in the Philippines.

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  6. Using electric vehicles for public transport such as those presented in this blog is crucial to combat air pollution caused by conventional means, which are also very noisy and therefore cause a noise pollution really harmful for the health. Congratulations for your blog that supports sustainable mobility in an ideal manner!


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