Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Virtual Etrike ride to Honda Bay,Puerto Princesa, Palawan

A virtual electric trike ride to Honda Bay pier, Puerto Princesa, Palawan Philippines. From the pier you take a motorized boat to the various islands.  Filmed by Diana J. Limjoco, soundscore and editing by TonĂ© McGuire.

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  1. Hi Diana,
    I've been to the Philippines many times but not to Palawan.
    The use of Electric tricyles is excellent.While I was in Batangas staying in a house I rented I found the trikes very noisy and smelly and very hard to get into. This electric one is perfect. I hope it spreads thru out the Philippines.
    I am looking for a place to stay a while , peaceful, friendly people , As iam going to Sabah in early to mid year in 2011 .I will for sure come and stay in Puerto Princesa Palawan and travel about the Province for a month or so.I hope the Zero waste concept is received well.


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