Friday, January 14, 2011

Electric Vehicle for mother and daughter

It's really fun watching our 3 year old daughter Alysha take to her electric car. We both drive around the lot to get her more exprience and practice whenever we go to work at our Green Tech Eco Center together.  At least she is learning that mama and papa are walking their talk about helping to preserve the clean air in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines.

Diana J. Limjoco and Alysha Ariela at Green Tech EcoCenter, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines
My electric trike is 3000 watts. It has no problem towing Dave's rig, which I had to do once when a loose wire made his etrike lose power! I really didn't even feel any strain on my rig! It goes 70 KpH but I drive at a steady 55 and my power lasts longer. Dave and I have been driving our eTrikes full time every day for going on a year now. I can't imagine what it was like before them. I love being able to save thousands of pesos every week on gasoline by not filling up our Ford Expedition, plus it's so much easier to navigate the narrow and congested roads here.

My eT3 electric tricycle and Alysha's electric toy car! Well one has to start somewhere, she's only 3 years old after all!

You can see I am a happy and proud mom.

This is the other sustainable mode of transportation in the provinces here. It is quite common to see caravans of two to 5 sets of water buffalos heading down the national highway, which is where this was taken off of.


  1. There is a new electric vehicle availible in Manila now. Its the new and only Segway competitor which is a personal transporter that operates on body balance.
    It looks really neat!!!

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  3. the best ride that doesn't emits any pollution is the carabao, hehe. It doesn't consume any energy as weel. :)

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